Anne MacDonald Coleman
The Tax Lady

So who is this Tax Lady anyway?

In 1997, After 10 years in the Inland Revenue and a further 13 years working for top accounting firms such as Ernst and Young, I decided that it was time to set up in business on my own and started from scratch in an office in Ocean Village on Southampton's waterfront. When the developers moved in, I relocated to my office at home. This was intended to be temporary, but it was accessible and had free parking! So at home I stayed. I have now moved to Clydeside and the shores of the Holy Loch, from where I can visit clients in Aberdeen, Greenock, Southampton, and sometimes even further afield.

I have extensive experience of all aspects of tax and accounting, but I specialise in ex-patriate landlords and seafarers. I have clients ranging from retail shops and restaurants to taxi drivers and subcontractors in the building industry to therapists and musicians.

Outside of tax, I am an active member of several Womens Organisations and an advocate of the LETS movement. I am also a Druid and a keen Folksinger.

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